Claus Cornett

WOS Researcher ID (B-8893-2009).

ORCID researhcher ID (0000-0001-6991-5362).

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Job title: Associate Professor/lektor

Telephone: +45 35 33 62 66

Telefax: +45 35 33 60 10


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Total Articles in Publication List:     112

Articles With Citation Data: 97

Sum of the Times Cited: 3365

Average Citations per Article: 30.04

h-index (conservative estimate):31

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Scientific Career:


Master of science in chemistry 1985.
Assistant professor at The Pharmaceutical University of Denmark, Department of Organic Chemistry 1988.
Ph. D. degree 1992.
Associate professor The Pharmaceutical University of Denmark, Department of Analytical Chemistry1992. Since January 1st, the Danish University of Pharmaceutical sciences has been incorporated in the University of Copenhagen as the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.



Research interests:


NMR spectroscopy applied to all sorts of structure elucidation and determination of physical chemical properties of small molecules. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites and metabolites thereof. Metabonomics. Use of other analytical methods necessary to support these objects.


Hyphenation of NMR with HPLC and CZE in combination with MS. Flow Injection NMR. Optimization of the strategy for obtaining hyphenated NMR data.

Validated Bioanalysis

Pharmaceutical Spectroscopy. Application of spectroscopy and  chemometric methods in pharmaceutical technology. This work is pursued in collaboration with Prof. Jukka Rantanens Group at The Department. NIR, MIR, Raman, UV, NMR, Pharmaceutical Imaging.

Societies and organisations:

Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster
Analytikerringen    (Danish society for analytical chemistry with a pharmaceutical focus)

Alumni society, University of Copenhagen
Alumni society, Collegium Domus Regium



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