Develoment of Teachingabilities


  Teaching Day (Pædagogisk Dag)
Autumn 2000/-Jan 2001

New examination practice for the elective course A-313, Choice and Validation of the Analytical Method Advanced Analytical Chemistry .

The examination was split into two parts, one traditional (3 hours) to gauge the students level of at-hand information (multiple choice) and ability to handle a calibration and an essay-problem where an article conderning a comparison and validation of an analytical method was posed to the students the last class before examination. The examination which took place ca. three weeks later.

  • To obtain a better learning process
  • To obtain better answer

The examination was discussed afterwards with some of the students. Based on this, and on the results of the written answers to the examination, it was deemed, that the experiment was a success. In terms of evaluation of the students, minor adjustments are necessary, such as a higher weight factor for the multiple choice part of the exam.

Feb. 9. th Seminar on evaluation of teaching/learning
Mar. 9-10. th. Seminar on activating form of teaching/learning

Codeveloper of the new "cand. Scient i lægemiddelvidenskab/(MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences" and adviser on Analytical Chemsitry Branch

Developed an elective chemometrics course: "effektiuv datalyse/Efficient analysis of data"

Codeveloper of the new "cand. scient. i produktionsudvikling/MSc in production development - process analytical technology", in a consortium with The Royal Agricultural and Veterinary university (, The Danish Technical University (, and The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (

Codeveloper of the introductory course and the production course for the Production development master